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Book appointment with India’s most successful hair transplant doctors online and get consultation to cure baldness, hair fall at top rated clinics. We are aggregators with network of clinics in almost every major city in India. Impaneled clinics at this online platform are distinguished by good results. Result influencing factors like doctors’ skills, experience and dedication of team are possessed by our doctors.

Perfect Hair Transplant brings you an array of hair transplant clinics with varied hair treatment solutions. Hair transplant techniques like FUE and FUT absolutely replicates naturally looking and growing hair that one can grow, cut, comb, style & flaunt with confidence.

Dream of a bald person is to have head full of natural hair. People use at lot of oil and medicines and alternative medicines to stop hair fall or get natural hair re-growth on head. But currently among all the hair transplantation is proven best option for hair re-growth.

Hair transplantation is surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transferred from one part of body to other. The entire process can be understood by imagining hair grafts as starter plants from a nursery and bald scalp as land for growing it. It is simple to understand but not so simple to perform. Though it’s very simple procedure not involve any internal body part beneath the skin but its outcome has very significant role in restoring self steam and impact on personality is concern.

Consult a hair transplant doctor from our panel and express your expectation from the procedure. Satisfy your queries and book the date for hair transplant procedure. A well designed and efficiently done hair transplant could be a life changing procedure.

Why is it important to choose doctors from panel of Perfect Hair Transplant ?

At our panel we only enroll only experienced doctors after examines their work on pre-decided quality parameters. Quality parameters are guidelines put by our team of experts. These parameters assure that patents will receive quality of work.

At Perfect Hair Transplant registered clinic, foremost thing a patient get is good result that is assured by world class infrastructure. At these clinics procedures are done by experienced doctor with assistance of trained and experienced team of paramedical workers. Most of the doctors have international exposure, attains conferences and seminars to update themselves with the latest skills and developments in hair transplant. Some of the doctors are member of international societies working in field of research and development of hair re-growth techniques. Our doctors’ uses latest instruments and technique in hair transplant procedure. Proper hygiene is maintained inside the clinic and operation theater. So, going hair transplant with the doctors put least risk on money, efforts and time in direction of curing baldness. It’s better to get a good hair transplant rather cheap hair transplant.

Choose right doctor without worry with us. A badly done surgery can lead to bad result; money wastage, efforts wastage, time wastage and graft wastage and at worst scenario may bring about a situation where reconstructive hair transplant may become unfeasible. With doctors of Perfect Hair Transplant turn your dream of getting back natural hair into reality.

Techniques practiced by our doctors :

Mainly two hair transplant technique is practiced by our surgeons. The first is FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and second is FUT (follicular Unit Transplant) also known as Strip technique.

FUE : It is a latest and most advanced hair transplant technique (some time same technique is termed as DHI, DHT, FUSE, ADHI etc. just after making little advance changes). In this technique each grafts is extracted individually from bald resistant area of body(like back of head, beard) using small round punch, which may contains 1-4 hair follicular units , then are planted into a patient's balding or desired area. During the procedure in FUE individual follicular unit grafts are expurgated one at a time using tiny punch. Apart from head FUE is ideal for restoring the hair on other part of body like Eye brow, Eyelashes, Beard, moustache or any place to fill a scar apart from balding head.

FUT (Strip Method) : It is strip excision method [called as FUT (follicular unit transplant)] in which s surgically a strip is cut and removed from scalp (bald resistant donor area) of the patient. The donor area is then sutured using sutures (either stitches or staples) are then removed about ten days after surgery. Our some physicians use dissolvable sutures. After healing of linear incision after 2 months of time patient is left with a thin scar in the back of the head, which becomes invisible after the surrounding hair grows out and conceals.

Types of hair transplant :

On the basis of application hair transplant can be further categorized into following:-

(1). Head Hair Transplant : By name one can guess, the technique is used to restore hair loss at head. Restoration of head hair loss was main driving force in the development of hair transplant technique. Most of the cases of done hair transplant are fall into this category.

(2). Body Hair Transplant : In this category the hair from body part other then head are used as donor to restore the baldness. Hair from beard, chest, armpit and some time hair at pubic area and legs, arms are used as donor hair to transplant to place needed.

(3). Facial Hair Transplant : When someone needs to reshape his facial hair like beard, moustache or eyebrow follicular units are transplanted to desired location on face. If someone have very less beard and desires extra thick beard to enhance his muscular look can choose facial hair transplant.

(4). Women Hair Transplant : No difference in technique, this term is used to define that women also go for hair transplant to treat their hair loss. The two cases are often in demand; one is for reconstruction hair line and second is treating baldness. Other demands by women are eyebrow and eyelash transplant.

Cost of Hair Transplant :

Cost of the procedure varies from technique to technique, doctor to doctor, clinic to clinic and city to city. The cost depends on number of factors. These factors are technique, doctor’s qualification and experience, quality of work, type of hair transplant (head, facial, reconstructive), donor site location (FUE or FUT graft extraction), city where the clinic is located .
An advance and better technique costs high (E.g. FUE over FUT). An experienced and qualified doctor with modern infrastructure gives good result charges high. One has to pay more for a facial and reconstructive hair transplant. Procedure involving body grafts costs more as compared to grafts from head. And last but not the least the location city of clinic also affects the cost.
In tier-1 cities of India like Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune the living expenses are higher, one has to pay more for the service. But the quality of work in also better since most modern facilities is available in these cities. People from abroad can reach these cities with ease, since major international airports are located here. This factor also affects cost since clinics gets high paying patients on ease.
In tier-2 cities the cost of the procedure is less as living expenses here are lower. Tier-2 cities includes Surat, Jaipur, Lucknow, Indore, Patna, Vadodara, Agra, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Bhubaneswar, Noida, Thiruvananthapuram, Dehradun, Gandhinagar etc. These cities are also well connected with other parts of country, and are the most convenient destinations for domestic patients to get the best services at affordable cost.

Cost comparison internationally :

Costs of hair transplant in western countries are quite high as compared to cost in India. In top destinations like India, Turkey, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, Australia and USA, Indian clinics offer lowest rates at high quality service. At the lower end the cost per graft in India is around 1 USD, in turkey it is 1.5 USD, in Mexico is 2.25usd, in Malaysia is 2.5; in Thailand are 2.6, in UK are 3.5 USD, Australia 5.5 USD, USA is 6 USD.

Suppose one needs to get 2000 grafts transplanted, the cost of 2000 grafts in India will be 2000 USD, in turkey 3000 USD, in Mexico 4500 USD, in Malaysia 5000 USD, in Thailand 5200 USD, where as in UK, Australia and USA it will be 7000 USD, 11000 USD, 12000 USD respectively.

India a trending destination for hair transplant (Medical Tourism) :

Patients from abroad won't have to wait for an appointment as lots clinics are here with international standards. Indian government offers e-visa (visa on arrival) from 149 countries. Indian clinics offer quality work of western standards that too at Chinese rates (Cheap rates). Most of the doctors are trained in institutes in USA, UK and Israel with practicing experience of years. Clinics show extreme professionalism and giving consistently good result. Modern equipment, proper sterilization, facilities of international standard, regular follow-ups and compassion are part of practice. Staff at clinics can speak English which makes convenient for foreign patients to communicate and consult. Getting hair transplant in India not only gives quality treatment but save lots of money.
Apart from procedure India offers lots of beautiful places to visit and see the wonders here. In a fraction of expense to western countries you can get hair transplant done, can tour to wonderful places in India and can go back to native country with some money still in pocket.

Getting hair transplant with qualified and experienced doctor is almost a guarantee for hair transplant, giving head in wrong hands is just like making self a scapegoat.
Perfect Hair Transplant brings highly trained professional(s), successful doctor(s) running their own hair restoration clinics, at one platform to facilitate and sharing information.
We makes safe and affordable hair transplant possible on ease. Search doctors in your city from our panel of doctors. Book appointment, consult to doctor and get the procedure done.

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